14 Acre Urban Park

Revitalising Existing Parks in Gurgaon


Sector 23A, Gurgaon, Haryana

Project Size

14 Acres




StudioPOD Design Pvt.Ltd


Landscape Urbanism

Sector 23A is one of the oldest planned sectors of Gurgaon. As part of the overall Open Space Strategy document for the city of Gurgaon, this existing 14 acre park is a pilot project to demonstrate the effectiveness of guidelines and strategies in retrofitting existing open spaces to become more resilient and democratic. A detailed programming exercise was carried out to determine the needs of the existing neighbourhood that have informed the changes to the park design.

The park is located at the southernmost edge of sector 23A. The park is re-designed to cater to all age groups with high quality open spaces and amenities including spaces for markets, library, recreation, meditation and sports. The circulation and movement around the park promotes active use of the spaces during the days and nights. The active street-front provides opportunities to socialise and mingle to the communities around the park, while providing access to cleaner air. The park also doubles up as a local utilities hub for the sectors, equipped to recycle waste water for irrigation on the site and designated areas for solid waste management. This strategy reduces the load on building more trunk infrastructure connecting distant centralised facilities.