Agrovet Master Plan

A Sustainable Community that provides Joy and a High Quality Of Life for its Residents


Bangalore, India

Project Size

100 acres




StudioPOD Design Pvt.Ltd


Strategic Planning, Detailed Master Planning

The Agrovet master plan is located on the eastern outskirts of Bengaluru city, with the Satellite Town Ring Road cutting across the site. A lake is situated on the southern end of the site, and a smaller one on the northern end. The master plan was designed to maximise these natural features and develop a ‘Green Loop’ within the site that would connect the lake buffers and offer adequate open space for amenities and activities, equidistant from plots.

The ‘Green Loop’ is further divided, firstly into the Ecological Green, which features leisure activities and creates a distinct identity for the neighbourhoods surrounding it. This flows seamlessly into the lake buffer. The Ecological Green blends into the Linear Green Park at the north, which consists of orchards. This Park completes the loop by flowing into the lake buffer as well. Thus, making it accessible to all users. These spaces are programmed for sports and leisure based activities. The Commercial Activity Zones are strategically placed on opposite ends of the site and touch the Green Loop.These two Commercial Zones act as the most important nodes of the Master Plan. One of them is planned as a Clubhouse, overlooking the lake. Facilities here range from sports- swimming, basketball, football- to libraries and banquet halls.