Cities Of Tomorrow

Winning Entry for International Design Competition


Herne, Germany

Project Size

City Scale


Competition organised by Project Earth 2


StudioPOD Design Pvt.Ltd


Concept Design

Weaving Lost Identities

The project proposes the formation of resettlement colonies for refugees in vicinity of post-industrial landscapes, to enable a revived economic and ecological growth in synergy with the new development. The new urban centres are envisioned to be embedded with the existing city fabric amidst the reclaimed landscape, providing opportunities for economic, cultural and social exchange between the host and the refugee communities. The strategic insertion of the multi-scale intervention allows for the creation of diverse vibrant neighbourhood with newer opportunities of work and skill upgradation.

This model of development paves way for the cities of tomorrow to harbinger new ways of living and adaptation. The participatory approach for production of shelter, services and infrastructure manifests polyvalent and inclusive urban structures offering liveable spaces for the incoming refugees.The proposal can be adapted to suit similar contexts around the world.