Guhaghar Town Development Plan

Concept Development Plan for Guhagar


Guhagar, Maharashtra

Project Size

4,565 Acres


Guhagar Nagar Panchayat


StudioPOD Design Pvt.Ltd


Strategic Planning

Guhagar, is a town in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra with an idyllic setting with the densely forested Sahyadri Hills to the east and kilometres of sandy beaches and the Arabian Sea to the west. In addition to the natural beauty, the town has several sites of religious significance and also has a rich culture. To harness the potential of the town and transform it into a prosperous town with a thriving multi-faceted economy while preserving the environment and natural beauty a Comprehensive Development Plan was commissioned by the Guhagar Nagar Panchayat.

An analysis of the slopes, topography, flow of water, connectivity and adjacencies assisted in identifying areas that are suitable for development and those that must be left as natural and with limited or no development. An analysis of the Urban and Regional Development Plans Formulation and Implementation (URDPFI) guidelines and the existing land uses aided in identifying gaps in the town’s social and civic infrastructure and developing a new land use plan for the town.

A road network has been planned that enhances the mobility within the town and improves connectivity with visitor attractions. New streets have been planned ensuring space for the efficient and safe movement of all modes of transport. A comprehensive civic utilities strategy has also been developed which will enable the sustainable and environmentally friendly management of solid waste and waste water.

Based on the analysis of the town finances and development priorities an investment plan has been developed. Innovative ways of raising finance for the projects have been suggested as well as tapping into state and central government schemes.