Pune Township Street scape

Street scape for a 100 Acre Integrated Township Master Plan


Pune, Maharashtra

Project Size

6 KM of Street scape




StudioPOD Design Pvt.Ltd


Strategic Planning, Detailed Master Planning,Transportation

StudioPOD was appointed to design a 100 acre master plan , along with the primary township level landscape and streetscape, located to the south east of Pune city centre. The site is not only close to the employment centres and booming IT hubs of Pune city, but also enjoys proximity to the river Mula Mutha and its rich green ecosystem. The street network has been planned in conjunction with the pedestrian network which creates a fine grain highly walkable urban form within the site.

A hierarchy of streets are planned including arterial streets which carry higher volumes of vehicular traffic and connect the site with the outside street network and internal plot access streets.

Arterial streets - 30m ROW DP street at the southern end of the site and the 24m ROW street that runs in the north-south direction along the entire length of the site. Plot access streets - 18m and 12m wide ROW connect the arterial streets with the plots. As the school within the township, was intended to have a much bigger catchment than just this township, it was strategically located along the arterial road, avoiding external vehicular traffic from plying on calmer internal neighborhood streets.