Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road

Celebrating socio-cultural heritage of Girgaon


Girgaon, Mumbai

Project Size

3.54 KM Stretch


Mumbai Street Labs Competition | MCGM I WRI


StudioPOD Design Pvt.Ltd


Urban Design, Transport Planning

Girgaon is one of the most diverse, multi-cultural neighbourhoods of Mumbai. The historic buildings, the family run stores along the street edge and the cultural institutions makes a walk through Girgaon akin to a walk through Mumbai’s history and an education in its culture and traditions. One of Girgaon’s most unique features is the use of streets as not just as thoroughfares but as public spaces where local residents meet, socialise and celebrate.

The street re-design for Rajaram Mohan Roy Road is carefully crafted to respond to the existing conditions and also accommodate future mobility needs. The streetscape is activated through a multi-step process involving development of hardscape elements, which would then be reinforced by place-making initiatives and tactical urbanism. The goal is to optimize the usage of the ROW prioritizing pedestrians over vehicular thoroughfare. The reclaimed footpath and parklets shall serve a plethora of functions to reinvoke the sense of community within a dense residential neighborhood.