Ranchi Intersections

Detailed Design and Tender Drawings


Ranchi, Jharkhand

Project Size

3 Intersections




StudioPOD Design Pvt. Ltd. | KPMG


Urban Design, Transport Planning, Tender Drawings

Many of Ranchi’s major streets have been widened to meet the growing vehicle demand: however, there is a distinct absence of footpaths, road marking, traffic control measures, street furniture, and land use planning along the major streets which has resulted in increased occurrences of traffic congestion. To address the issues of traffic congestion, the Government decided to take up the re-design of Argora Chowk, Karamtoli Chowk and Harmu Chowk following ‘complete street design philosophy.

All three intersections have been re-designed to minimize conflicting traffic movements and ensure smooth movement of pedestrians. Footpaths and cycle tracks have been included with adequate width and raised pedestrian crossings have been provided which makes the crossing of the road easier and also act as a traffic calming measure.

Detailed tender drawings and cost estimates for the re-development of the intersections have been made and the same was approved by the Government