Ecologically Sensitive Landscape Plan

An ecologically sensitive open space within a residential township


Pune, Maharashtra

Project Size

15 Acres




StudioPOD Design Pvt. Ltd. | Environscape


Strategic Planning, Detailed Master Planning, Landscape Urbanism

StudioPOD was appointed to design a 10 acrea contiguous linear park along with landscape, located to the south east of Pune city centre. The site is not only close to the employment centres and booming IT hubs of Pune city, but also enjoys proximity to the river Mula Mutha and its rich green ecosystem. The new township is being developed as a unique waterfront living community that can Live, Work, Play and Learn by forming a compact walkable self-sufficient neighbourhood.

These high-density walkable neighbourhoods are designed to promote walking and cycling through the creation of a 10 acre contiguous linear park that forms the central spine of the township. The origin of the master plan begins with creating a Bio-loop that connects the sensitive ecosystem of the Mula-Mutha river to the ravine systems on site. The linear park is designed as a passive forest that conserves and celebrates the Ravine park on one side and transitions to become an active sports-oriented zone as it culminates into the school at the other end. As the school was intended to have a much bigger catchment than just this township, it was strategically located along the arterial road, avoiding external vehicular traffic from plying on calmer internal neighborhood streets.