Tactical Urbanism at Undri Chowk

One Month Trials


Undri Chowk, Pune, NH-65

Project Size

5668 SQ.M.


SaveLIFE Foundation


StudioPOD Design Pvt.Ltd


Tactical Urbanism, Pre and Post traffic data analysis

Tactical urbanism strategies to enhance the safety for all road users at Undri Chowk near Pune on the NH-64 highway. The junction is in a semi-urban setting and is the access point to commercial shops, hotels, clinics, hawkers and residential developments.

A 3 day detail traffic survey was conducted to understand the traffic volume, pattern, conflict points and user experience at the intersections. Based on this a conceptual and detail design was prepared to address the critical issues observed during the survey.

1 month trial was then conducted to test the proposed design along with a similar 3day traffic survey to compare the before and after impact of the design. As a result of the proposed design, the traffic movement was streamlined and safer pedestrian realm was created.