12 Acres Riverfront

Around Public Parks and Open Spaces


Pune, Maharashtra

Project Size

12 Acres




GPL Design Studio | StudioPOD Design Pvt.Ltd | Enviroscape | DADA | Unicorn Consultants Pvt.Ltd. | Ashoka Structural Consultants | Lighting Concept Pvt. Ltd. | Lopez Design


Landscape Urbanism & Landscape Architecture

The 750 m long Riverfront design of the township is designed for access and program without pouring concrete and destroying the biodiversity of the area. The riverfront has a lower promenade and an upper promenade. The lower promenade is a floodable natural trail along the river that allows for activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking and wildlife observation. This area allows for interaction with the river during summer when the river levels are low. Natural edge stabilisation techniques are designed and engineered along this promenade to strengthen this edge and planted with water loving plants to enhance the experience. The higher promenade is designed above the high flood line to become an all year multimodal trail. The areas around the higher promenade are elaborately designed to include programs like parks, gymnasiums, recreational pavilions and viewing decks. The synergy of planting strategy and the programmed activities are designed to complement this existing ecosystem and make this riverfront truly resilient.

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