4 Acres Riverwalk Street

Around Public Parks and Open Spaces


Pune, Maharashtra

Project Size

4 Acres




GPL Design Studio | StudioPOD Design Pvt.Ltd | Enviroscape | DADA | Unicorn Consultants Pvt.Ltd. | Ashoka Structural Consultants | Lighting Concept Pvt. Ltd. | Lopez Design


Landscape Urbanism & Landscape Architecture

The Riverwalk Street forms an important pedestrian axis that leads one from the township gateway all the way to the riverfront. The axis is not only a dedicated pedestrian and cycling friendly street but also serves as an interface between various public and private spaces along the stretch. The Riverwalk Street is the major connection from the DP road to the Waterfront. It is lined with large, shaded trees and tall shrubs that make it feel as if one is walking next to a river, which thus gives the street its name. Flanked on both sides by ample footpaths as the pedestrian realm, it is truly a people-friendly space. One side of the street is lined with retail front, with a terrace on which there can be seating. There is also a prominent urban furniture zone along both sides of the street, to be used for seating, swings, and utilities like lighting and dustbins. There are numerous fun elements along the streets like swings, food kiosks with seating and a continuous cycling track.

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